Relive History with James rolex replica watches: NASA’s Man Behind the Moonwatch

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In 1964, NASA was in its early days. James rolex replica watches was a NASA employee. His job was to test and procure every piece of equipment that would end up in space. His first task was to purchase a watch.

They called me and said that they needed a watch. I replied, "I thought you hired me to make photographic hardware." "But rolex replica watches took it on anyway, as it was a NASA job no one would give up replica watches rolex replica watches spent a lot of time talking with Gemini crews to find out the exact purpose of the watch. rolex replica watches concluded that the chronograph was what the astronauts needed since they depended on it as a backup for mission control in the event of a loss of communication.

Control of the mission

Donald K. Slayton, then Assistant Director of Flight Crew Operations sent a letter to several watch manufacturers stating that there was a need for a durable and accurate chronograph for Gemini and Apollo crews to use as an adjunct or backup to spacecraft timing devices for performing time-critical operational and experimental tasks.rolex fake watches To select the best chronograph for our needs, we must compare the quality of chronographs available on the market under realistic operating conditions.

Although Slayton may have sent the letter, rolex replica watches was responsible for the testing. He was responsible to test the watches and prove that they were suitable for space travel. rolex replica watches bought three chronographs from the list of brands that were contacted and only four of them responded. The Omega Speedmaster was the only watch to pass the stringent tests.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches It is still the only watch NASA has allowed astronauts to wear to the moon.

James rolex replica watches and Petros Protopapas talk about James rolex replica watches's NASA experience during their recent Hong Kong visit

rolex replica watches was a wonderful guest and we had the privilege of meeting him when he visited Hong Kong earlier in the month. We will always hold the mystery of space and the amazing stories of the moon landing in our hearts. It was a moment that we are all grateful for.

rolex replica watches has been telling his story since 1960,rolex replica watches but we still find little surprises in the epic moon landing tale. rolex replica watches has shared ten stories with us. History is best told by those who lived it, as they say.

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